This is certainly the ‘territory of the personal’ to which Mellor refers. There are many who have sought retreat in it, at the same time holding faith with the idea that photography – the ‘straight’ photographic image- can still reveal truths and speak of authentic experience in ways that connect to others.

Nigel Shafran, who crossed over to independent practise from the world of fashion photography, approaches the social and the contemporary in his work through close and intimate observation of the things and the people closest to him.

He finds in the places, spaces, routines and rituals of the everyday, his family and his neighbourhood – in the resonant stories of leftover food in the kitchen, unwanted belongings in charity shops, Dead Men’s Things, the configurations created by chance and by small, private decisions-much to say about society, about identity, and the relationship of individuals to the world.

Observers : Photographers of the British scene from the 1930’s until now.